Dashcam footage from SC shooting shows Walter Scott running away from officer


From the dash cam footage

From the dash cam footage

Made public Thursday by the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED), the footage does not reveal any details about the moment unarmed man Walter Scott was killed by officer Michael Slager.​South Carolina state police have released dascham footage from officer Michael Slager’s car captured moments before he shot an unarmed black man named Walter Scott. The video shows Scott running away after being pulled over.

The video begins with 33-year-old Slager, a North Charleston police officer, pulling over Walter Scott, 50, for having a busted tail light. Slager tells Scott why he pulled him over after asking for his license and registration, and a brief conversation ensues over whether Scott has car insurance.


After Slager returns to his police car, Scott can be seen opening his door. Slager tells Scott to go back inside his vehicle, and Scott does. A few moments later, Scott opens his door again and runs away. Slager gives chase, but the encounter then moves beyond the dashcam’s range.

Release of the footage comes as law enforcement’s account of the incident continues to face serious scrutiny from the public and the media. Earlier this week, the New York Times published a video recording of the actual shooting that was recorded by a third party. In that video, Officer Slager can be seen shooting Scott eight times in the back as Scott runs away.

Slager was charged with murder on Tuesday. He was fired from the force on Wednesday.


According to the police report on the incident, Slager said that at some point during the incident Scott took his Taser. Neither video shows such a struggle occurring, but the witness who filmed the incident on his own, Feidin Santana told NBC that he saw the two struggling on the ground before he started recording.

“I remember the police (officer) had control of the situation. He had control of Scott,” Santana said. He also said he never saw Scott take the officer’s Taser.

Before Slager shoots Scott, a dark object can be seen falling to the ground. Whether it is the Taser in question is unknown. After shooting Scott, Slager walks towards him and drops a dark object. Whether this is the Taser in question is unknown.

It’s also unknown if Slager picked up the dark object and placed it near Scott’s body

Police reports also stated that officers attempted to revive Scott via CPR, though Santana told MSNBC that if that’s true, he did’t see it.

“I never saw that,” he said. “I don’t know if they did it after I left, but I never saw that.”

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said at a Tuesday news conference that Slager had made a “bad decision.”

When you’re wrong, you’re wrong,” Summey said, as reported by The Post and Courier, South Carolina.“If you make a bad decision, [I] don’t care if you’re behind the shield or just a citizen on the street, you have to live by that decision.

Speaking with MSNBC, Scott’s relatives said they planned on bringing a lawsuit against Slager, the police and the city.

“Every time I think about it, just small things, talking to my brother, we won’t be able to do it ever again,”Rodney Scott, Walter’s younger brother, said to MSNBC. “He’s gone forever. I love my brother, he was my best friend.”


  1. Yes, but felons deserve jail sentences derived from courtroom trials. The cop is an arresting officer and does not serve in the punitive branch of government. This cop judged and sentenced without a trial…and he had his own law: if you’re black and steal a car, you don’t deserve a trial, just a death sentence to be carried out on the street; next to the car you stole.

  2. The cop now, is also a felon…and luckily for him, he’ll get a full investigation, a court room trial with a jury of his peers and if found guilty, a sentence given to him by a judge with punishment delivered by the punitive branch of government: a correctional facility.

  3. I agree that the excessive use of force was unwarranted, but with a fight, the flight of the fugitive al the crimes he had committed including possibly a stolen car, no registration and insurance fleeing the scene, outstanding warrants.Assault on the officer its going to be really hard to geta conviction for murder

  4. I saw the whole video…there was no assault on the officer…the guy got out of his car and ran…the officer found a straight line and shot…no chase…no call for backup…then the officer planted his tazer on the dying body; instead of seeking to administer first aid…and called for backup. If this cop doesn’t get a murder charge, be afraid…be very afraid.

  5. As for white or Black, where i live if aa White person had done all the things done in this video Dash Cam and witness accounts we would call that person of any race “a criminal” and call an officer derelict in his duty if he were not apprehended. I would expect that person of any race to be put in Jail. And yes maybe shot and wounded in order to bring that about, but not killed.To do otherwise would be anarchy where anyone can violate multiple laws endangering the public safety and not be held accountable, That is hey maybe i should go uptake street here and Borrow someones mercedes( without a registration or Insurance and tool around on the streets of this city)I mean after all we should not fear being caught and prosecuted for any crime now?Or flee an arrest “Tussle” with police officers and not expect consequences. That- those consequences are why we obey laws, Those consequences should be measured response to the laws broken, But they are still criminal and it is why one should never resist.

  6. In the modern age, we have radio and one is sitting on the officers left shoulder. He should have started the chase and radioed for backup. There’s no way this guy could have escaped or hurt anyone had this procedure been followed. And I saw both the car video and the independent witness video, which showed the whole incident. There was no tussle…the guy got out of his car and ran and the officer simply took a position and shot. He’s a murderer!

  7. Witnesses to the event confirm that there was an assault where the officer got him down and they struggled on the ground.As the officer leaves his car you can hear him shout TAZER TAZER, “get on the ground”, this is not video but eye witnesses, but the” audio is heard” n the dash cam,The TAzer fails witnesses confirm that there is loud BANG when the tazer was fired( That is the sound of misfired Tazer where silence means it worked) so the tazer did not work because of a Failure) They then stand This then is the video recorded starts when they are both standing again There are wires as he flees The crucial part is the confusion at this point and the mistake of firing into the back of the fleeing subject However witnesses confirm there was a fight, the both stood again tare misfired and then he fled at which point he fired

  8. If in that gap, there was a tussle, the cop was unharmed, which doesn’t make the black man all that strong. And still, it was for the officer at that point to call for backup and proceed in a chase…not to fire four shots into the man’s back and then plant a tazer on his dying body. It was his duty to call for a bus and administer first aid. And most importantly, he wasn’t in any danger when he shot. He’s a murderer!

  9. Thats not the definition of murder and I’m sure you know that.If in the course of a fight or heated exchange someone is killed It is manslaughter and if they go for the murder charge You better bet that the officer will be aquitted

  10. No…and with a radio call, he would have been chased, apprehended, arrested, tried, sentenced and convicted. The way it happened, the cop played judge, jury and correctional facility…that’s not justice…that’s murder…a punishment that didn’t fit the crime. And in that case, I would have rather seen him get off scott free. As a great American attorney (Pat Henry) once said; better to let a thousand guilty men go free than to punish (and kill) one innocent man. And the man that was shot was not convicted in a court of law and was therefore, innocent.

  11. Heres the thing if they go for murder, and they say well you should not have fired,and killed the man. He can say i fired over his head was shaken up from the assault and after the fight I fired to disable at his feet and i missed.I was shaken up i had been in a fight for my life the tazer had failed I was totally professional prior to the subjects flight , i had ordered him down, tried everything and I simply missed If had not been shaken up and the non lethal Tazer misfired it would h ave been fine. I misjudged in less than one minute i had no intent to kill the man—–( and if i were the attorney i would be emphasizing that it was an mistake after a violent encounter and not intentional killing) In such a defense he might well get off,,,,,,,,They need to go for something they can win

  12. He can’t say he fired over the man’s head; he’s a trained gunner and he hit his target four times in a row. If he was firing in the air into a residential neighborhood, that’s a whole other crime and level of stupidity in which I say, lay the entire police force off in the state and re-train them…there’s a huge danger out there. And the officer was clearly not dazed in any way and even had the forethought to plant false evidence. This bogus excuse should not fly.

  13. he fired 8 times of which 4 hit,,,,,,,if he is a trained gunner? he didnt do a very good job But i agree retraining would be good thing, well its not that an excuse its a defense.If he claimed to be shaken and misjudged the situation ,after trying everything he could, the judge nor jury would convict him of murder. Manslaughter maybe the man is dead killed in the heat of the moment.Unintentional or intentional manslaughter would be a better bet for real punishment or getting a conviction.

  14. I’m not a trained district attorney…don’t know the subtleties of manslaughter and the practicality of getting a conviction in an SC court. But the cop’s a murder, plain and simple … and if he actually fired 8 shots, he’s a moron and a danger to the community. I certainly hope none of the stray bullets didn’t make their way into someone’s home. And if they did, I hope they didn’t hurt anyone else. Yet, for the damage, I hope a major civil suit or suits occur. Who trained that idiot cop?!!!

  15. And if the cop uses the dumbass excuse that he attempted to fire overhead…he’s gonna need to prove that that was correct police procedure. And this we know won’t be produced…and from that we know the excuse won’t fly.

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