The Clinton Body Count (PDF) Click the Image to Download the PDF (verified safe)

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The following is a partial list of a large number of persons who have met their demise in suspicious circumstances who appear to have some connection to the Clintons. I stress *partial* because new additions are coming in faster than new closets can be found in which to hide the bodies!

This list came to me via Michael Rivero over at



    1. Paul Thomas believe it or not someone I know who is was a high up federal officer at the time told me all about this and I had to look into it and it’s true !!

    2. Holy shit! Really? We need as much documentation as we can get. I bet he/she wouldn’t be willing to write a anonymous statement of facts or offer and info.

    1. Yup. Unfortunately I don’t think anything will come of the Seth Rich murder. It will be forgotten. Trump won’t push for it, he’s already shown himself to be a sell-out

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