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Here’s What Is On The Agenda For This Year’s Bilderberg Meeting

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Every year, the world’s richest and most powerful business executives, bankers, media heads and politicians sit down in some luxurious and heavily guarded venue, and discuss how to shape the world in a way that maximizes profits for all involved, while perpetuating a status quo that has been highly beneficial for a select few, even […]

Gizmodo Trashes Carl Sagan’s Son for Being a 9-11 Truther

Carl Sagan is arguably science’s biggest rockstar—the ultimate champion for logic and reason. Which makes it all the more painful to find out that his son is a vehement 9/11 truther. In a recent interview for a radio show called 9/11 Free Fall (already off to a great start), Jeremy Sagan—the younger son of Sagan […]

40 years to ex-Christian radio host for child porn

    GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. — A former Christian radio host in Grand Rapids has been sentenced to 40 years in federal prison for sexual exploitation and child pornography. Grand Rapids federal Judge Robert Holmes Bell says John Balyo’s acts were “repulsive.” He’s a former morning host at WCSG, a popular Christian station heard throughout […]


A document has surfaced detailing the ISIS-approved price list for Christian and Yazidi sex slaves abducted by the barbaric terror group, which also reveals that the highest prices are paid for children and infants. “We have been informed that the market for sale of women had been witnessing a reduction in price which effects the […]

Reports of gunman prompt search of Everett Boeing facility 

Reports of gunman prompt search of Everett Boeing facility

EVERETT, Wash. — Dozens of police officers surrounded a building at the Everett Boeing plant Thursday night after getting multiple reports of a gunman on the loose. Two people called police around 7 p.m. to report an armed man inside the facility, according to Aaron Snell with the Everett police department. Snell said the callers […]

Bulgarian ‘Indiana Jones’ unearths medieval ‘vampire’ grave

Reuters / Dinuka Liyanawatte 7721952 Tags Europe, History, Religion A male skeleton from the 13th century with a plowshare driven through its ribcage has been excavated in the eastern European region in which the first reports of vampires originated nearly a millennium ago. “We have no doubts that once again we’re seeing an anti-vampire ritual […]